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The 20-inch PC with a dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo processor (2.4 GHz) represents the third
generation of iMac all-in-one PCs. Unlike previous Apple computers, the updated model
received the most thoughtful functionality with a minimalist design. The device also has
compact dimensions (48.5cm x 46.9cm x 18.9cm), a glossy widescreen active-matrix LCD screen
with a resolution of 1680 × 1050 pixels, high color rendering quality, and excellent
performance. However, despite the advanced technologies, as well as high-quality assembly
and spare parts, the Apple iMac 20 is not insured against accidental breakdowns and repairs.
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Breakdowns of the iMac 20, the repair of which is best entrusted to the specialists of the Macbook Repair Dubai
service center 
Due to its practicality, compact size and functionality, the Apple iMac with a 20-inch screen are
widely popular among users around the world. However, the monoblocs of this brand are not
only distinguished by their quality, compactness and high performance, but also by a complex
specific device. A person who does not have experience, skills and special tools will not be able
to repair such a high-tech device as the Apple iMac without breaking anything or damaging it.
Therefore, to fix any, even the mildest, at first glance, PC breakdowns should only be a qualified
SC specialist.
Below are described the most common iMac 20 failures, which are most often encountered by
the masters of the Macbook Repair Dubai service center.
Damage to the iMac 20
If, as a result of accidental mechanical damage, artifacts (spots, stains) appear on the display or
the monitor falls and the screen is damaged, you should contact specialists as soon as possible.
The service center will quickly replace the damaged iMac 20 matrix and restore the normal
operation of the device.
Hard drive issues
Hard drive failure is a common problem among iMac 20 monoblocs. One of the most typical
manifestations of hard drive malfunctions is the appearance of a question mark when loading a
PC. Also, the “symptoms” that indicate an HDD malfunction include performance degradation,
formatting errors, “freezing” at OS startup, etc. If such failures occur, urgently need to contact
the SC.

Graphics card malfunction
Most often, overheating of the computer becomes the cause of the malfunctioning video card.
If squares or stripes appear on the Monoblock screen, this indicates a malfunction in the video
chip. To make sure that there is a PC problem in the video card, you need to diagnose the
device, which is absolutely free in the Macbook Repair Dubai service center.
iMac 20 won't turn on
If you hear a start-up sound, a fan or drive noise, and the screen remains black when you turn
on your iMac 20, it’s most likely the cause of the display malfunction. Also, the reasons why the
PC does not turn on maybe power outages, incompatible or incorrectly installed memory
modules (drive), problems with the controller and other failures, which can only be found and
eliminated in the SC.
Urgent repair iMac 20 with a guarantee
If you need a professional repair or replacement of components on the iMac 20, contact the
network of Macbook Repair Dubai service centers ( see the branches on the map ). Our network experts will
advise you on any questions, make a PC diagnosis for free and quickly fix all problems. Find out
details by phone ( see ) or request a call.