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The 24-inch all-in-one has become a real technological breakthrough in the global production of
PCs. In this model, Apple engineers tried to change almost everything, starting from the color
scheme. Instead of the usual white-acrylic, the case of the iMac 24 became silver-aluminum. In
addition to the updated appearance, the model also pleased fans of the brand with a glossy
widescreen TFT screen with a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels, a powerful ultra-fast Intel Core 2
Duo E8335 processor 2.93 GHz and 3.06 GHz 4 GB RAM, ultra-fast graphics from the company
NVIDIA, excellent color reproduction, as well as a new, ultra-thin keyboard.
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Breakdowns of the iMac 24, the repair of which is best left to the specialists of the Macbook Repair Dubai
service center
Stylish, fast, thoughtful 24-inch monoblocs have become a real synonym for quality and
reliability. However, even the premium-level equipment, unfortunately, is not immune to
unforeseen breakdowns. It is important to remember that the repair of such a complex and
specific PC as the iMac 24 requires system knowledge, experience, and special equipment. An
ordinary user or a self-taught master, when trying to fix even minor malfunctions on his own,
risks not just damaging one of the components, but completely incapacitating the Monoblock.
Do not experiment with your "expensive" PC, at the first manifestation of malfunctions you
need to immediately take it to the SC, where there is everything you need to repair the iMac.
You can familiarize yourself with one of the most common reasons for the owners of a 24-inch
iMac to contact the Macbook Repair Dubai service center below:
iMac is very hot
If the iMac 24 heats up or is noisy during operation (“buzzing”), the problem may be with a
clogged cooling system. The ingress of dust and dirt into the cooler or radiator prevents the
system from cooling normally. This makes the processor and video card heat up more and the
cooler to work in intensive mode. To fix the problem, you need to contact the SC to clean the
PC or replace the fan.
Matrix damage
If the monopod screen is damaged (cracked, crashed) after hitting or falling, it is urgent to
contact specialists to replace it. If streaks, spots or other artifacts appear on the Aimed 24
display, to find out the causes of the malfunction, the service center specialists will diagnose
the PC for free, and then repair the iMac matrix.

iMac 24 not turning on

This problem is one of the most common among Apple monopods. Most often, the reasons
why the PC does not turn on (black screen) are the voltage drops in the network, the exhausted
resource of the system and the ingress of moisture into the device (including the operation of
the computer in high humidity). To restore normal operation, the iMac 24 needs repair or
replacement of the power supply.
Graphics Card Failure
You can understand that it was the video chip that became the cause of the monopod’s
interruptions, due to such “symptoms” as: lack of an image when the computer boots up (black
screen), “freezing” of the picture, various artifacts (stripes, squares) appearing on the screen, as
well as color rendering distortion. To troubleshoot, you need to contact the SC masters to
repair or replace the iMac 24 video card.
Note! In order to avoid overheating of PC components, in particular a video card and a
processor, you need to contact a service center at least once a year for preventive cleaning of
the monopod.

Service repair iMac 24 at the best price in Dubai
You can order the fast and high-quality repair of the power supply, video card, matrix, and
other iMacs 24 components at one of the offices of the Macbook Repair Dubai service center network. You
will find our branches within walking distance of the Dubai metro stations ( see on the map ). If
you don’t have the opportunity to come to us in person, send us your iMac by courier. Find out
more by phone ( see ) or request a free call.