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iMac 27 is an updated version of the candy bar from Apple, presented to the general public on
March 19, 2019. The novelty received an improved Retina display with a diagonal of 27 inches
and a resolution of 5120x2880 pixels, top-end components - an Intel 9th generation processor,
an AMD Pro Vega 48 graphics card, a 2TB solid-state drive, and the same design as its
predecessor. The stability of the device also remained at the same high level, but over time, the
iMac may begin to work more slowly or even break. If you have such a problem, contact the
masters of the Macbook Repair Dubai service center.

Typical iMac Retina 2019 Faults
iMac 27 (2019) is one of the best desktop computers in terms of performance, ergonomics, and
comfort provided to the owner. But even Apple’s most powerful all-in-one can fail over time for
various reasons. Common iMac 27 failures resolved by the Macbook Repair Dubai service center masters:
Does not turn on
The problem is caused by a malfunction of one of the Monoblock elements - the motherboard,
processor, power supply, etc. The wizards of our service center will conduct free diagnostics,
determine the cause of the breakdown, and quickly repair the computer.
Slowly works and heats up
This means that dust has accumulated inside the Monoblock, blocking the outlets for warm air.
The iMac 27 Retina 5k is overheating, the operating frequency of the processor and video card
is reduced, the cooler rotational speed and noise from it increase. Our craftsmen will conduct a
comprehensive cleaning of your iMac
Safety glass is broken
Damage to the screen is caused by strong mechanical impact - shock or fall. The wizards of the -
Macbook Repair Dubai service center will determine the nature of the malfunction of your Apple iMac 27 (2019)
and replace the entire glass screen or display.
No picture
The malfunction is caused by a broken video card, inoperative display of the iMac 27 Retina
2019, or a problem with the graphics display interface. Our masters will determine the cause of
the problem and carry out repairs as soon as possible.

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Repair of the Apple iMac 27 (2019) Monoblock in the Macbook Repair Dubai service center Order iMac 27
Retina 5k (2019) repair at the Macbook Repair Dubai service in Dubai. Our masters will conduct free
diagnostics, eliminate the identified malfunction as soon as possible and provide a guarantee
for the work performed. Our branches are conveniently located near metro Macbook Repair Dubai and metro
Macbook Repair Dubai. If you are far from us, order delivery by courier. For more information, contact us or
leave a request for a callback. Our manager will answer your questions and help with the