How we work

How we are Working

Repair of gadgets in the SC “Macbook Repair Dubai” consists of 6 simple steps:

 1. Submission of a repair request 

You order repairs on the website or by phone. Have a question? Click Free consultation & we resolve to call you back within 10 minutes. 

2. Application processing

After receiving the application, we will call you back, answer all questions and invite you to the nearest (Macbook Repair Dubai) branch. 

3. Receive device 

Bring the faulty device to the (Macbook Repair Dubai) ( see on the map ) or order courier delivery on the. If you are not in Dubai, send the broken equipment using the courier delivery to find out more. 

4. Fault diagnosis

 Free gadget diagnostics (up to 30 minutes). We determine the tactics of repair, inform the cost, deadlines. We accept the device for repair and issue a receipt. 

5. Gadget Repair

We repair or replace defective parts, re-diagnosed and issue a warranty card. 

6. Payment for services and delivery of the device

Check the device and pay for the repair (cash, bank transfer). You get a gadget in your hands with an act of work done (with a guarantee - from 6 to 12 months).