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Repair MacBook Air with Retina display
The MacBook Air 2018 with a 13 ”Retina display offers high performance, a stunning screen, an updated keyboard, a fingerprint scanner and an enlarged trackpad. The main serial feature is lightness and compactness. The 2018 MacBook Air weight’s 1.25 kg with a thickness of 1.56 cm. Its battery life in active mode exceeds 12 hours thanks to a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 50.3 Wh.

In July 2019, the creators updated the line of MacBook Air technology with a Retina display, replenishing it with a new model. This MacBook has a 13.3-inch display with a
resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and an eighth-generation Intel Core-i5 processor. The aluminum casing of the new MacBook Air Retina has become thinner by 10% and more compact by 17%.

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MacBook Air Retina models that repair at MacBook Repair Dubai

Service center specialists carry out repairs of any complexity for all MacBook’s. Namely:
MacBook Air Retina 13 ′′ (Z0VE0003W, MREC2, MRE92, MREF2, MREA2, MRE82, MREE2, Z0VJ0004D, Z0VE0004N, Z0VE0003W, Z0VK0003C, Z0VE000QR, Z0VE00048, Z0VD0003U) MacBook Air Retina 13 ′′ (MVFM2, MVFJ2, MVFN2) 2019

• Common MacBook Air Retina Malfunctions
Despite the improvements, the MacBook’s break due to neglect. Accidental falling on the floor or spilled tea can be critical for a laptop. Consider the types of Apple MacBook Air Retina failures that are performed by the masters of our service center:

• Broken Retina Display
It is easy to damage the matrix, it is enough for the laptop to fall unsuccessfully. The panel used to be covered with a solid aluminum frame, but in the MacBook Air Retina
2018 and 2019, the material was replaced with glass, which does not protect well from damage. It is unpleasant to look at a broken screen, it may distort details or not display them at all. Contact your MacBook Repair Dubai service center and get a quick MacBook Air display replacement at a low price.

• Broken MacBook Air Retina Keyboard and Trackpad
There are many reasons for such a breakdown - and a loop that frayed, and moisture, and mechanical damage to elements (especially the touchpad). The MacBook Repair Dubai wizard diagnoses a failure for free and performs the necessary MacBook Air Retina repair. Eating problems If your MacBook is quickly discharged, incorrectly shows the percentage of charging or does not charge at all, bring it to the MacBook Repair Dubai service center. Our experts will determine the cause of the problem - a faulty power supply, battery or charging port and repair the broken element.

• Moisture in the MacBook Air Retina
The consequences depend on how much fluid was inside, how long it was and whether you used a laptop after that. In any case, you should immediately turn off the MacBook -power supply will provoke short circuits in the microcircuit, which will complicate their repair. Bring the MacBook to the MacBook Repair Dubai service center as soon as possible, our craftsmen will dry it and replace the rotted parts.

• Clogged cooling system and drying thermal paste

If the case of your MacBook Air Retina heats up, the fan speeds up, and the computer runs too slowly, it means it's time to clean the cooling system and replace the thermal grease that protects the processor from overheating. Do not delay cleaning your computer, as this can lead to more serious damage to the system board as a result of overheating and loss of data on the hard drive. The cooling system will be cleaned and thermal paste replaced quickly and efficiently at the MacBook Repair Dubai service center.

Important! Do not try to dry the laptop yourself - there is a risk of damaging one of the important boards. In addition, you will not disassemble the MacBook completely,
moisture will remain in several inaccessible places. Do not hesitate - the internal elements rot at a tremendous speed, and in a few weeks you will need to change
almost everything in your laptop.

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Order MacBook Air Retina Repair in Dubai If your MacBook Air laptop with a Retina display breaks down, do not delay its repair; contact the MacBook Repair Dubaiservice center. We will carry out free diagnostics, repair your MacBook Air Retina at an affordable price and give a guarantee for our work (up to 12 months). Our branches are located near the metro stations Macbook Repair Dubai. If you are not comfortable getting to us, order a courier delivery . Find out the details by phone or request a call back .