Warranty Terms For Repair Devices

The network of service centers in Dubai (Macbook Repair Dubai)” provides diagnostic and repair services for various portable equipment, laptops, MacBook iMac and other devices., we always have OEM spare parts for popular brands: Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, and others. We provide timely assistance to your equipment in a short time.
Warranty :
Our standard warranty for repairs is up to 6 months, depending on the type of service provided. In some cases, the warranty may extend up to 12 months. The warranty period does not depend on the brand name.
For devices that have been exposed to moisture or have severe damage, the warranty service period is negotiated individually.
The guarantee of our service applies to the type of repair that was indicated in the act on the work done If a spare part has been replaced, a spare part warranty is given.
The service center provides each client with an act of work done, which indicates the warranty period. This document must be presented to obtain warranty service. The act comes into force from the moment the device is handed over to the owner until the last day of the warranty inclusive.
The equipment on which the operating conditions were violated is not subject to warranty service - there is mechanical damage, moisture has entered, there are signs of opening the device.
Equipment with a factory warranty is serviced by a service center for a fee. For customers with an expired warranty service of their devices - repairs are made on favorable terms.
You can ask additional questions by calling (Macbook Repair Dubai) or in one of the network centers of our center. For any kind of damage to portable equipment - contact the company "Macbook Repair Dubai". We fully guarantee the quality of our work.