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MacBook Keyboard Repair Dubai  UAE

Almost 50% of customers contact us with complaints about keyboard dysfunction. Both individual buttons and the keyboard as a whole may not work . This can happen due to liquid ingress, dirt accumulation, or mechanical impacts such as falls.

In our service center you can repair the keyboard with peace of mind. Your computer is in the hands of professionals!

Keyboard Replacement

The MacBook keyboard is capable of withstanding millions of keystrokes. But for natural reasons, sensitive buttons can stick and work incorrectly. The entire keyboard rarely fails. Solving the problem on your own is quite difficult. It is better to entrust this delicate work to the master of the service center. He will professionally diagnose, determine the cause of the damage and perform a quality repair or replacement of the component.



No matter how much they talk about the reliability of Apple technology, with intensive use, malfunctions still appear. A common case is a broken keyboard. The main reason is spilled liquid. When moisture gets on the contact tracks of the board, a short circuit occurs. There is only one way to fix the situation - by replacing the MacBook keyboard.

The replacement procedure is possible in the conditions of the service center. An experienced technician will fix the problem and then test the device for performance. This cannot be done at home, as diagnostics will require special tools and technological equipment.

Breakdown options

Keyboard failure can be complete or partial:

  • liquid ingress led to a short circuit, failure of the buttons - this will invariably require the replacement of the keyboard;
  • moisture did not get on the board, the keyboard works, but the buttons stick, give out wrong characters - you will need to replace faulty buttons, clean the keyboard with special compounds.

The replacement option also depends on the MacBook model. In some, it is possible to replace the keyboard itself, in others you will have to change the entire top case - the working part of the case.